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Systems development

Over the course of its history, the Nile Company has provided many applications of information systems, and has many products, including the Nile system for managing accounts and warehouses, human resources, the Nile system for construction management, and the Nile system for document management, in addition to the Nile system for media monitoring. The Nile Company is proud of its own e-commerce system, which is just as suitable for companies, supermarkets in its two web divisions, and mobile applications, suitable for medium and small enterprises, as Nile Vision works to enable community institutions to technology The Nile uses in its work data mining technology, develops its own algorithms to enable artificial intelligence, and machine learning takes place with the latest technologies

Web development and mobile applications

Nile Multimedia Company provides you with a professional level of website development, building Android and Apple mobile applications, at competitive prices, and professional capabilities Over the past fifteen years, the Nile has provided many websites to its customers, in cooperation with major institutions, including the Nile Website Project with Vodafone The process of developing mobile applications is one of the most important software professions since the spread of smart devices, and the large number of programmers and hard work has led to the provision of entirely new tools and programming languages that make building applications very enjoyable. This is what you will definitely find with us

Social Media

Our company started work on establishing the first Egyptian social media in the year 2009, to enjoy the characteristics and capabilities of the international social media, our goal that we are working to achieve is the production of the first Egyptian social media out of Egypt for the whole world, in addition to many applications that contribute to enriching and facilitating the lives of Egyptians, And support development Our company has been able, over fifteen years of work, to discover many Egyptian geniuses who worked hard, and attracted talented young and fresh graduates in particular, which enabled them to reach the construction of a sound application for the social media We hope to see the light soon, God willing.

Multimedia production and voiceover

The Nile Company provides various media production services and serious documentaries that aim to build the human being, linking him to his values and morals, and also provides 3D movie production for children and companies. The Nile also provides distinctive production in the field of voice comment, in order to achieve the marketing goals of companies, or develop documentary production with distinct audio commentary that achieves the best performance The Nile also provides advisory services to the media involved in broadcasting on the Internet, and provides a multimedia writing style guide service for media organizations, and editorial writing regulations in accordance with editorial policies

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